Wednesday, December 2, 2009

one of my neighbors has this elaborate bird house setup in her front yard and i really want to put up mini xmas decorations on the doors and around the little roofs in the middle of the night. its not reallypopular with the birds so i wont bother them.

not sure how to do it aside from going to a dollhouse store, which would be expensive. i also dont want to nail or permanently glue anything down so i dont get charged wtih birdhouse vandalism ;p. i have some ideas but still thinking.

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Kaley said...

Make some! Go to the dollar store and get some felt and ribbons and glittery things!

Or maybe you could find some nice stuff second hand. There's always a lot of old christmas decorations in thrift stores at this time of year.

Guerrilla birdhouse decorating: adorable!