Monday, May 9, 2011

...Street art is a gift because it is something that can't quite be explained in terms of conventional motives... maybe that purely creative act is the motive... to give from yourself and not expect anything in return.

- Timothy Taylor, author of The Blue Light Project, on CBC's The Next Chapter.

Really beautiful, really naive? I like the idea but has he seen Exit Through the Giftshop? What about tagging and how it seems to be (from an outsider's perspective) a way of just getting people to see your name over and over again? I feel like his idea of street art is outdated, or at least street art has transformed significantly. Plus I'm not sure if I really believe in the idea of no one having a motive. Not only because I think having a motive is kind of default, but also because we live in such a celebrity culture that the need to tap into "the fame monster" is second nature.

I think I have to read this book!


Knudsen Hammet said...

Give it a read and I'd be curious how it strikes you. But as for being naive, I'll just say that I have no illusions that street art can be described *universally* in the way I did. Banksy's motives have always seemed pretty clear even before Exit, that is, to hoax and prank his " audience". But the artists I was following around *did* provoke questions about motive because I saw the work going up and knew from talking to them that motive was really difficult to plot using conventional measures. And it was too that mystery ( why do this at all?) that I traced the uplifting hopeful power of the work. The gift like quality, yes.

Thanks for your interest.

Timothy Taylor

Knudsen Hammet said...
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alexis said...

Hi Timothy!

The internet continually amazes me! Such a surprise to hear from you, although I probably shouldn't be amazed anymore, haha.

I'm interested in this multiple tiered streetart motive stuff. Now that I think about it I guess I'm kind of viewing this the way people used to view illustration (i.e illustrators and sellouts) which, given that I'm an illustrator, is kind of weeeiiirrdd.

I look forward to checking it out. Really enjoyed your interview, by the way.

Alexis said...

Timothy, I've been to two local library branches but haven't been able to get a copy yet, they're all out! Seems like your book is pretty popular. But don't worry, I'm on it! Ha ha.

Knudsen Hammet said...

I'll give you one if you promise to buy one later for a friend. Deal?

Alexis said...

Timothy you have yourself a deal!