Monday, May 30, 2011

I did this piece of fanart for the talented and all around swellGuy Davis creator of the comic Marquis, about a morally questionable demon hunter in a fictional, upside-down 18th century world. His demon characters are some of my favourite going and the man has some serious inking skills. I had the opportunity to see his work in person last year and it is beautiful.

My favourite character from the Marquis is Hell's Courtesan, probably because she has tentacles for hair. Her complicated tentacle hair made me think of Oiran who were high ranking prostitutes in 18th century Japan. So I took her on a little trip across the globe! Maybe a little presumptuous of me but when the mood strikes..

Hell's Courtesan

Click here to see the larger version!


Kaley said...

Oh I love it! That's a terrifying hair-mouth! Guy must have loved it.

Rosemary Van Deuren said...

Holy gosh, that's amazing O_O

Karen said...


Jay Fosgitt said...

Absolutely beautiful rendition of Hell's Courtesan, Alexis! I love your linework on this piece, and it's such an original take on Guy's character!